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                Hung Gar KungFu

                Hung Gar KungFu, a style that inhereted from the Southern China ShaoLin Monastery, is tough in momentum, very powerful and practical. It has been developing for three hundred years, is the first of the five great “Hung, Liu, Cai, Li, Mo” boxing in the Southern China. Hung Gar KungFu has been wide popular and influential in Hong Kong,Macau,Australia, theUnited States,Canadaand some Southeast Asian countries and regions.

                Hung Gar KungFu is recognized as the essence of Nan Pai martial arts. It is created by combining KungFu technique with the shape and characteristics of the animal, Including dragon, tiger, lion, leopard, snake, crane, elephant, horse, monkey, Biao. Characteristics of Hung Gar KungFu are as follows: more abundant hands’ technique than the legs’; stable footwork and violent momentum; bold powerful; power-up by means of breathing; cheer by their own voice.

                In order to Learn Hung Gar KungFu more effectively, we must keep the body upright and the pelvis following heavy and powerful .

                In contrast, Hong Gar KungFu is relatively easy to learn,and is also good channel to know the traditional Chinese Culture

                We accepts everyone between 7 and 77 years old .The training consist in:

                § developping strength and stamina

                § learning basis of kungFu (hands, feet, stepping and standing technics)

                § practicing basis technics (self-defense)

                § learning bare hands taolu

                § learning KungFu weapon

                § learning Taolu with weapon

                § learning two persons Taolu (duilian)

                § learning group Taolu

                Address: Address: Gucho Zeng, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China
                Instructor : Johnson Liao 13316927077
                Email: wuxiutang@189.cn
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