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                (老外功夫培訓)Guangzhou Tianhe Martial Arts Kungfu Training Center

                Martial arts, boxing and the use of weapons technology, is a traditional Chinese sport. ("Modern Chinese Dictionary"), also known as Wushu or martial arts, martial arts, traditional Chinese sport. Its content is the kick fell get beat down strike hack thorns compose such action in accordance with certain rules and instruments unarmed combat martial arts various offensive and defensive routines and single potential exercises. Martial arts has an extremely broad mass base, the Chinese people in the long-term accumulation of social practice up a valuable and rich cultural heritage, is the Chinese nation's fine cultural heritage.

                Martial Arts Training Center, tianhe District, Guangzhou Wuxiu Tang traditional martial arts class holds "Slim Wu to Wu Xiude" principle, concerns students physical fitness, while more attention to students' lifelong development and inner "wisdom and virtue" of the practice. In actual teaching rely on science, proven training methods will Morality and National Studies combined organic culture. In this summer aspiring to become martial arts talent friends can reap the most professional in Wuxiu Tang traditional martial arts to learn. Guangzhou, the best martial arts training center opened Wuxiu Tang 2013 Summer tianhe District Wushu training courses, detailed charges are as follows:

                Trainning course
                Class hours total training time class time charges
                A class on July 8 start 20 hours 3:00-5:00 pm 960.00 yuan
                  Two classes
                  Starting July 17
                  20 hours
                   3:00-5:00 pm
                   960.00 yuan
                Three classes
                  Starting July 30
                  20 hours
                  3:00-5:00 pm 960.00 yuan
                Recruit five years of age youth, children
                   Every 20 hours of martial arts training classes, each with a professional martial arts instructor expertise of professors, students must be at the end of the summer camp (August 22) before the finish!

                Address: Longkouxi Fangcaoyuan A Building 4 floor Tianhequ, Guangzhou
                PC: 510000
                Instructor : Johnson Liao 133-6000-7077    020-85214935
                Email: wuxiutang@189.cn


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